Family Camp Helps Clarify NW Vision


by Major Liz Clitheroe

More than 550 Salvationists and friends gathered at Camp Arnold for the annual family Bible camp. Lt. Colonels Chris and Janice Buchanan welcomed visiting leaders Lt. Colonels Olin and Dianne Hogan, Colonel George Church (R) and Lt. Colonel Bill McHarg (R).

On the first evening, new officers were welcomed to the division, the Yakima Young People’s Singing Company performed and Church talked about the importance of understanding the Army’s history in order to keep focused today.

The “Mission to Zimbabwe” workshop was led by Captains Grayson and Janice Williams. After hearing the conditions and struggles of those who choose to serve in missions, people left with a better understanding of the importance of self-denial and sacrifice that are essential to being a missionary officer.

The “Leading a Child to Christ” workshop, presented by Captain Cathi Boyd, was designed to equip caring adults with simple tools, the “wordless book” and “gospel bracelets,” that can be used to present the gospel message to children.

It was standing room only at the “Hispanic Corps Evangelism” workshop led by Lieutenants Oscar and Edith Tippol, with singing led by Lieutenant Lex Giron. This session focused on practical congregation-based evangelism and its biblical background found in Acts.

Major Carol Seiler and Major David Clitheroe led the “Ministry in Social Service” workshop. This included a brief history of the church’s social work and the tensions involved in social service.

Envoy Nigel Cross, in the “Worship” workshop, talked of the importance of continuity and flow in worship services.

In “Intimacy with God,” Majors Ralph and Ivy Hood told how, because your security comes from God, you must surrender your family, finances and work with no preconceived ideas of what God wants for you.

Saturday evening featured McHarg’s talk on how everyone can witness wherever they are. The young people from Music Camp presented the musical, “The Witness,” by Carol and Jimmy Owens. Six candidates for the next officer training session were presented on Sunday morning. New envoys were commissioned and Long Service pins were awarded.

Outstanding music was provided by the Seattle Temple Band led by Stefan Wennstig, the Northwest Chorus led by Envoy Nigel Cross, and pianist Major Shirley Goode (R).

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