Faithful Intercessors Take the Field

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Lts. Genesis & Martha Apuan
Asst. Corps Officers
Monterey Peninsula, CA

Lt. Howard Bennett
ARC Command – Trainee

Lts. Keith & Robin Bottjen
Asst. Corps Officers
El Paso Citadel, TX

Lts. John & Linnea-Lynne Aulani
Asst. Corps Officers – Cheyenne, WY

Lt. Andrew Allan Griffith
Assistant — Perris ARC

Lts. James Joo-cheol & Joyce Eun-Ju Lee
Corps Officers – Anchorage Korean, AK

Lts. Anthony & Jessica Yoon Markiewicz
ARC Command – Trainees
Lt. Robert Stanley Patten
Asst. Corps Officer
Grand Junction, CO

Lts. Beau & Mandy Perez
Corps Officers – Kaneohe, HI

Lt. Socorro Ferreira Reboucas
Southern California DHQ (Pro Tem)

Lts. Dennis & Tawnya Stumpf
ARC Command – Trainees

Lt. Christine Kay Ann Smith
Asst. Corps Officer
Castle Rock, CO

Lts. Timothy & Sybil Renée Jennifer C. Smith
Corps Officers – Greeley, CO

Lts. Alexis & Vicki Villanea
Corps Officers – Salt Lake Central, UT

Lts. William & Christine Ware
Corps Officers – Havre, MT

Lts. Roy & Paula Jauregui Wild
Corps Officers
Colorado Springs New Heights, CO

Lts. Christopher & Molly Yeager
Corps Officers – Haines, AK

Faithful Intercessors Commissioned

Faithful Intercessors Commissioned

They’re Ready to Intercede   by Major Doug O’Brien – CFOT

Lt. Tim Smith Speaks for Intercessors

Lt. Tim Smith Speaks for Intercessors

by Lt

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