‘eXtreme’ Slates Campolo


Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo –

Author and Christian activist Tony Campolo is slated to be a featured guest speaker at eXtreme ’98…life on the edge, scheduled for October 1-4, 1998, in Pasadena, Calif.

Campolo will be joined by members of The Salvation Army’s United Kingdom Mission Team including Phil Wall, Russell Rook, Sara Nordenburg and Sarah Grace. Also featured will be Majors Chick and Margaret Yuill, Pasadena Tabernacle corps officers.

The goal of eXtreme ’98 is to equip young adults in The Salvation Army “to make Christ relevant in their context…(to build) corps which connect with local communities and which are relevant both culturally and missionarily in every way.” For this reason, the focus for the weekend will be mission. Delegates are expected from all over the United States, Canada and Australia.

For more information, email andrewhill@earthlink.net or call toll free 1-888-999-0569. Information will be available soon on the internet at www.pasadenatab.org

New Frontier Garners Award

New Frontier Garners Award

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‘Builders’ Plan for Commissioning Events

‘Builders’ Plan for Commissioning Events

  June 14 by Major Darvin Carpenter –  Newspaper headlines are filled

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