Explosive growth in Bakersfield

Visioning goals are bearing fruit at the Bakersfield Temple Corps, Calif., as 53 new members were recently added to the rolls.

Golden State Divisional Secretary for Program Major Judith Smith conducted the enrollment and welcome ceremony during a Sunday holiness service led by Corps Officers Captains Lex and Patricia Giron.

The corps welcomed: 17 senior soldiers, 13 junior soldiers, 12 adherents, four cradle roll soldiers, four senior soldiers transferred from other corps and three junior soldier transfers.

“This was an exciting and joyous time for us and for the congregation of the Bakersfield Temple,” said Captains Giron. “We have met two of our 2004 goals from the vision and plans proposed last year.”

One of the goals was that the Girons would complete their studies at IBET (Institute for Biblical and Theological Education), and in January they both received their Bachelor in Ministry degrees from the institute.

The second goal was growth of the corps—exemplified in the recent enrollment and welcome of the 53 new members.

“A new chapter now begins for us,” stated Giron. “We have new goals and challenges for everyone, because now we start the process of leadership and discipleship. We give thanks to God, our divisional leaders for their support, and the soldiers at the corps who helped us with their prayers and hard work. To God be the glory!”

Telling the Army’s Story

Telling the Army’s Story

Anecdotes, facts and lore…how do you separate one from the other?

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