Expect Change expands its reach

Features stories of redemption, courage, and love

By Kathy Lovin

Members of The Salvation Army’s advisory board were asked which part of the recent meeting was the most impactful and meaningful. Almost to the person, they answered: “the video testimonies about lives changed through the work of The Salvation Army.”

There’s something about the personal stories of God’s love and the transformation possible when we trust him with our lives that speaks to all of us. We just can’t get enough.

Since a recent study showed that Facebook and YouTube are the top two online hangouts, The Salvation Army in the Western U.S. launched a project to feature video testimonies distributed through those two sites.

The video testimonies will be hosted on YouTube and then posted to our Facebook page for ease of sharing via your own social networks.

When you see one of our Expect Change videos in your Facebook feed, just click the “share” button to add it to your page. You’ll be helping spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and an encouraging word about how The Salvation Army can help people who are struggling or are in crisis.

Each story is told from a single perspective: that of the person whose life has been touched by The Salvation Army. We’ll hear from people who have received service from one of our ministries, soldiers who have committed to lay ministry with the Army, or officers and members of our staff who began their Army association on the receiving end of one of our programs.

One such testimony is from David McDaniel. He’s now a lieutenant in The Salvation Army, having completed our officer training school last year. He and his wife Lt. Shawn McDaniel just took leadership of our Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Canoga Park, Calif.

McDaniel grew up in a Christian family but got off track when his parents split up. At one time, he had all the trappings of a life funded by illegal activity.

When his behavior finally caught up to him, he knew God wanted his attention the moment the police officer slapped the handcuffs on his wrists. The court’s referral to The Salvation Army ARC in San Jose was exactly what he needed.

To view McDaniel’s transformational story and others like it, visit


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