Expanding Cultural Awareness


by Geir Engøy – 

Y2K is coming! This is your last chance to take in a Commis-sioning Multi-Cultural Seminar this millennium! On Saturday, June 12,1999, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., the Cerritos Sheraton Ballroom will be the venue for the Multi-Cultural Seminar.

Teaching, an information fair, ethnically flavored worship, music, and translations will enlighten you about cultures that are unfamiliar to you. Not only that; following the seminar will be an International Food Fiesta!

The goal of the seminar is to better equip Salvationists to share their faith in Christ across cultural, ethnic, linguistic and other barrriers that separate people. You may be challenged by what’s going on in your neighborhood: People eat bulgogi, lutefisk or enchilada, and there are strange sounds, looks and smells that unsettle you. Don’t worry, the Multi-Cultural Seminar will provide you with tools to better understand what’s out there, to enjoy the differences and relish the similarities. Learn about: “How to build an ethnic outreach ministry in my corps;” “Us and Them;” “Hangin’ and Chillin” (urban youth);” “Multiethnic Music;” “The Sacraments and The Salvation Army;” “Anglo 101;” and several other mini- workshops. Three C.E. credits will be offered through the education department for lieutenants and A/captains.

God cares about our situation; from Heaven’s glory Jesus Christ performed the ultimate cross-cultural move when he came to earth and became the Bridge back to our Creator God. Sign up now and join us for the Multi-Cultural seminar on Commissioning Saturday between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

USA Team Assists Kosovo Refugees

USA Team Assists Kosovo Refugees

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