Eternal time capsule

The treasures stored in your eternal capsule will not corrupt, but what you put in determines its eternal significance.

What you put in determines the eternal significance

By Danny R. Von Kanel

When Oklahoma celebrated its Centennial as a state a few years back, it discovered the 50-year-old concrete vault had sprung a leak. The time capsule, of sorts, had included a then brand new Plymouth Belvedere. When opened, however, the car was found in four feet of water, rusted and rotting, its content ruined.

The treasures stored in your eternal capsule will not corrupt, but what you put in determines its eternal significance.

Consider Matthew 6:19-20; if we are to “lay up heavenly treasures” we must answer some obvious questions Jesus alludes to in this passage:

1) Does it pass the gold, silver, wood, hay, stubble test?  (I Corinthians 3:13; James 5:3) Are things done within this lifetime ones that bring eternal results—winning a soul, giving a cup water in Jesus’ name and teaching sound doctrine? When the heat comes, such treasures remain.

2) Does it pass the corruption test? When exposed, will it be affected by moth or rust? The wealth  of the Orient, in part, was clothing. Such clothes were susceptible to a moth’s rampage. Though the process is slow, gold and silver will rust. Our works put under the scrutiny of God’s examination will not corrupt, they will not be devoured by moths nor rust.

3) Does it pass the security test? When viewed, will thieves have a chance to steal it (Matthew 6:19-20)? Thieves must get by the strong man (Mark 3:27). Houses in biblical days were made of mud and straw kneaded together. Break-ins were not difficult. Our eternal treasures are secured by the ultimate strong man—God Almighty. When we send earthly riches toward their heavenly abode, they are signed, sealed, and delivered—safe and secure. General William Booth understood his eternal riches were lost souls. He instructed his soldiers to “Go straight for the souls and go for the worst”…and they did. Our world has reaped their going. Eternal rewards wait their arrival.

4) Does it include a good foundation? When laid against the time to come, will you be able to lay hold of eternal life (I Timothy 6:18-19)? Biographer Joyce Katunge says William Booth “laid for us a very strong foundation cemented with his faith and watered with the blood of Jesus Christ our Savior, at which when we nourish ourselves with it [the powerful blood of Jesus] we shall automatically be following his steps.”

As we lay a strong foundation in Jesus Christ—sending our good deeds toward our heavenly treasure trove—we are laying a firm foundation. Grace through faith secures our position; good works plant our heavenly rewards.

Christians in a servant role can reap a harvest of stored treasures. Having a good foundation, security, freedom from corruption, and durable offerings will assure our eternal time capsule remains until God’s perusal and ultimate words of affirmation: “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”

from the desk of… ‘Grace’

from the desk of… ‘Grace’

Sharron Hudson, Lt

Clifton’s inspiration originated with the Army

Clifton’s inspiration originated with the Army

Clifford Clinton, California restaurateur and food-based philanthropist, found

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