Enter the young


El Cajon (Calif.) Corps celebrates youth Sunday

On Sunday, the children of the El Cajon Corps led the worship service. With the wide variety of youth programs the corps offers, they had several opportunities to show their best work on the platform. Each youth group was represented with a corps cadet, Jarod Howard gave his testimony, the junior band played for the offertory and the Moonbeams sang, “I Just Want To Be a Sheep.” The congregation enjoyed seeing each child taking part.

Howard and Noah Falzarno earned the National Commander’s Ranger Award and Danel’a Garrett and Danna Moreno received Commissioner’s Sunbeam Awards. Corps Officer Captain Terry Masango also recognized more than 35 youth workers for their ministry to the children of the El Cajon Corps. Youth Director Renee Howard and Music Coordinator Matthew Ball put the program together.

Finding sanctuary from life
outside view of house

Finding sanctuary from life

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$20 gold coin

$20 gold coin

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