Encore! returns for its second year



The Western Territory’s annual youth music and arts competition takes place during Commissioning 2013.

The second annual ENCORE! competition took place throughout the day on June 15, with 50 entries and almost 200 participants who continuously filled the rooms at the Pasadena (Calif.) Convention Center with music.

In the morning, soloists in the brass, vocal and piano categories competed, along with soloists and groups in the creative arts: dance, drama and timbrels. After lunch, six singing companies and three youth bands performed.

ts-saturday-morning-25“All of these participants are winners,” said Southwest Divisional Bandmaster Ralph Pearce. “They all won in their divisions and are now here to share their talents with us.”

Territorial Music Secretary Neil Smith said, “Our ultimate goal is that these young people are at their local corps on a Sunday morning and can participate and contribute to the worship.” Smith hopes that this program will develop not only as an event that showcases the young people’s talents, but to develop musicians and disciple Christians along the way who will serve the local corps and community.

The winners were: Brass Solo—Level 1: Zachary White (Mesa Citadel, Southwest), Level 2: Raquel Delao (Tustin Ranch, Southern California), Level 3: Landon Smith (Spokane Citadel, Northwest); Vocal Solo—Level 1: Sadie Cowing (Pasadena Tabernacle, Southern California), Level 2: Riley Noland (Waiane, Hawaiian and Pacific Islands), Level 3: Audrianna Moody (Hanford, Golden State); Dance Solo—Level A: Rachel Chen (Tustin Ranch), Level B: Brianna Pope (Coos Bay, Cascade); Dance Troupe—Level A: Santa Ana (Southern California), Level B: Las Cruces (Southwest); Timbrels—Hilo (Hawaiian and Pacific Islands); Piano Solo—Level 1: Isaac White (Mesa Citadel), Level 2: Caleb Lee (Tustin Ranch); Corps Youth Band: (Tustin Ranch); Drama Monologue—Level A: Jacob Ferguson (Tustin Ranch), Level B: Valerie Duran (Torrance, Southern California); Singing Company—Long Beach Citadel (Southern California).

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