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by Major Mildred Lum (R) –
Home League Secretary

When The Salvation Army opened a Silvercrest residence in Broomfield, Colo., Majors Rachele and Don Bowman of the Boulder Corps saw the chance for an outreach program. They invited the residents to attend the Home League there, and the group has been growing steadily.

A lady named Helen Christiansen began coming faithfully, and with her effervescent personality was an asset and blessing to the group. One day she was absent, and they learned she had been found in her apartment, having collapsed onto the floor, a victim of a stroke. She was hospitalized for awhile and received therapy in a rehabilitation center, as she was unable to speak or walk.

The Home League continued to pray for Helen, and each week sent her cards and made some phone calls. Meanwhile, Helen continued to improve and today is back at Home League meetings. They call her “Ms. Inspiration!” She is able to speak and gets around with the aid of a walker. Helen attributes her recovery to the Lord’s healing touch and the faithful prayers of her friends and family. She is grateful for the Army and continues to support its work.

Restoration Project Provides Inspiration

Restoration Project Provides Inspiration

  by Major Joe Huttenlocker –  More than 60 men and one woman, (then)

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