Edwards Cancels All ’98 Corps Reviews

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Territorial Commander Urges Corps to Spend Time
in Change/Growth Process

by Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock – 

A landmark decision to suspend all corps reviews for 1998 was made at the recent meeting of the Territorial Executive Conference (TEC).

During the conference, divisional commanders discussed the workload placed on corps officers having to complete both a corps review and visioning exercises and asked if the corps review could be suspended for one year. Commissioner David Edwards gave a quick answer, “It’s done!”

Consequently, the annual corps review for 1998, which would normally be conducted between January and May of 1999, will be suspended this coming year.

Often, a corps review looks at the past, what has been accomplished. In its place will be the corps Visioning exercises which is being described at divisional Visioning rallies. Essentially, each corps is to hold four 90 minute meetings in the first two months of 1999 to discuss a beyond 2000 Vision for their corps.

Each corps officer will have a corps Visioning Tool Kit in their hands by end of October 1998 that will guide corps through this exercise. The corps officer is to select a corps Visioning team to commit to the aforementioned four meetings and to write the Corps Vision Statement.

When accomplished, each corps should have a Vision Statement that looks ahead. Keeping this forward direction in mind, Major Diane O’Brien and Bandmaster Ivor Bosanko have written the chorus, “New Ways Forward” which, it is hoped, will be sung in every corps throughout the territory.

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