Edwards, Burrows Send Off Intercessors

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COMMENCEMENT–Major Diane O’Brien leads the Cadet Chorus during the Friday ceremony.


by Sue Schumann Warner – 

Twenty-eight new lieutenants of the Faithful Intercessors marched off the stage and into new careers as Salvation Army officers at the conclusion of Sunday’s Service of Appoint-ment. The service climaxed a weekend filled with strong emotion and significant events that heralded the conclusion of two years of preparation for Army officership.

Providing leadership during the weekend were Commis-sioners David and Doreen Edwards, territorial leaders, Majors Doug and Diane O’Brien, College for Officer Training leaders, General Eva Burrows (R) and a host of others. Preceding Commissioning events, Burrows addressed the Territorial Executive Council.

On Friday, families, friends, and Salvationists gathered on the lawn of the Crestmont campus to witness and celebrate the commencement exercises of the Faithful Intercessors Session. Even gray skies couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm and pride of those present.

Training Principal Major Doug O’Brien welcomed the crowd and introduced Commis-sioners David and Doreen Edwards, Western territorial leaders.

Edwards then introduced “one of the Salvation Army’s most distinguished and respected officers,” General Eva Burrows (R), who gave the commencement address. The Army’s 13th General, Burrows was returning for the second time to speak at graduation exercises at Crestmont.

Commanding the attention of the audience, Burrows spoke of the quality of leadership needed by the Army in the new millennium. “You’re going to be leaders in a time of great challenge and change,” she said. “What kind of leaders do we anticipate you’ll be?”

She then noted four qualities necessary for effective leadership. “You need to be ministry minded…involved with the poor, depressed, and dispossessed. You must follow Jesus’ incarnational ministry.”

She then stated the need to be culturally sensitive, aware of the multicultural dimension of society in America today, not just ethnically but socially multicultural as well. “Look at the early church and the apostle Paul, who worked effectively in many cultures.”

Next, she described the qualities of being theologically balanced. “You need to have strong convictions. There are no easy, pat answers…As leaders you must carefully think through moral and theological issues. You must be able to passionately defend biblical issues.”

Finally, she explained the need to be evangelistically passionate. “You must be powerfully focused on the great commission of Jesus Christ. You must discover creative methods of evangelism. The best way to communicate the gospel today is to lift up Jesus Christ.”

The following awards were presented: Principal’s Award–Cadets Howard Bennett and Timothy Smith; Commissioner’s Award–Cadet William Ware. Special recognition for academic achievement was given to: Principal’s List with Merit–Cadets Robin Bottjen, Linnea-Lynne Desplancke, Joyce Eun-Ju Lee, and William Ware; Principal’s List with Distinction–Cadets Beau Perez, Tawnya Noelle Stumpf, Paula Apuan-Wild and Roy Wild; Principal’s List with Honor–Cadets Howard Bennett, Amanda Perez and Timothy Smith.

Major Diane O’Brien led the session and cadet choruses.

Sunday’s Events

Joy was the watchword for Saturday morning’s commissioning and ordination service, led by Commissioner David Edwards and supported by the skillful music of the Pasadena Tabernacle Band, under the direction of Bandmaster Lambert Bittinger.

Cadet Paula Wild gave a moving testimony of God’s faithfulness and the need for Christians to be faithful, no matter what the struggles.

While the commissioning and ordination of the cadets was solemn, its conclusion was anything but–as the audience broke out in applause and cheers in appreciation for the significance of the event.

Speaker General Eva Burrows (R) addressed the need for intercession “It’s what the world needs today,” she stated, pointing to Jesus as the model for a life of prayer.

According to Burrows, Christians need to remember three aspects of prayer: Prayer should be done in secret, speaking to God honestly; prayer should be specific “God is eager to answer our prayers;” prayer should be sincere “Don’t babble on like heathens…talk humbly with God. He will always hear you.”

She emphasized that there is no substitute for prayer. “We all have to be faithful intercessors,” she exclaimed.

At the conclusion, the mercy seat was lined as the Holy Spirit moved throughout the auditorium and tears, prayers and hugs abounded as cadets and their families gathered in groups throughout the hall. appt

APPOINTMENTS– Lts. Anthony and Jessica Markiewicz receive their first appointment from Commissioner David Edwards.

Service of Appointment

With banners waving and anticipation filling the auditorium, the new lieutenants marched proudly onto the stage in the opening moments of the afternoon’s service of appointment. It was a time of recognizing service and support as well, as Silver Star mothers were honored and long service awards presented.

Commissioner Doreen Edwards, assisted by Major Charleen Bradley, awarded Silver Stars to three representative mothers, one a Salvationist, one an officer, and one a non-Salvationist: Mal-Ja Pack, mother of Lt. Joyce Lee; Major Linda Gillies, mother of Lt. Christine Ware, and Nancy Duff, mother of Lt. Molly Yeager.

General Eva Burrows (R), assisted by Colonel Donald Sather, presented long service awards. Those honored were:

25 Years–Major Marjorie Akin, Major Marcia Baker, Major Barbara Blix, Major Leonard Blix, Major Cecille Bowman, Major Roger Bowman, Major Delbert Brockelman, Major Victoria Brockelman, Major Ardis Fuge, Major James Goodwin, Major Judy Goodwin, Major Deborah Greene, Major Richard Greene, Major Eda Hokom, Major Clifford Jones, Major David Sholin, Major Douglas Williams, Major Janice Williams, Major Anna Wilson

35 Years–Major Jean Anderson, Major George Bawden, Major Marilyn Bawden, Major Katrina Grundahl, Major Gordon Helms, Major Margaret Helms, Major Ivy Hood, Major Gerde Ramos, Lt. Col. Sharon Robertson, Major Jesus Santos, Lt. Col. April Strickland, Lt. Col. Charles Strickland, Major Albert Summerfield

40 Years–Major David Boyd, Lt. Col. Janice Buchanan, Major Elizabeth Gibson, Major Marilyn Gregory, Major Robert Gregory, Major Judith Ostermiller, Major Eleanor Ragland, Major Neil Saunders, Major Juvencio Utrera, Lt. Col. Sherryl Van Cleef

Major Doug O’Brien, training college principal, presented the new lieutenants. “These are not weekend warriors nor overnight wonders…they are God’s Faithful Intercessors.”

Session representative speaker Lt. Tim Smith, in his address, admonished the audience to be faithful in prayer. “In the fight against sin, prayer is our most potent weapon.”

Commissioner David Edwards then gave a charge to the session, reminding them that they had “promised to give themselves unreservedly to God.”

Emotions ran high as Edwards called each family group forward, congratulating them and announcing their first appointments.

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