Easter week at San Diego ARC

Special activities enhance spiritual life.

by Marlene Gerber –

San Diego ARC kitchen staff prepare for Bread and Broth. [Photo by Julie Brown]

During Easter week, the San Diego, Calif., Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) community enriched their spiritual life through a variety of activities, including a Palm Sunday service, viewings of The Passion of the Christ film and discussions, Good Friday and Bread and Broth services, an Easter evangelistic campaign and the Easter Sunday service and breakfast. The beneficiaries and their families were committed to the goal of drawing closer to God during this time.

A/Captain William Bearchell spoke at the Palm Sunday service. The “Seven Sayings of the Cross” was the theme of the Good Friday service and featured speakers Captain Dwayne Patterson, Oceanside Corps; Major Neil Saunders, Centre City Corps; Majors Michael and Janene Zielinski, ARC Command; and Captain Julie Brown, San Diego ARC. Afterwards, attendees at the Bread and Broth service sat at tables arranged in the form of a cross, and broke bread, which had been baked in the form of a cross. Zielienski gave the message at the Easter Sunday service, attended by ARC beneficiaries and their families.

More than 100 men and women went to the altars during the Easter Evangelistic Week. “It was an extraordinary and rewarding time for our ARC community,” said Captain Grady Brown, administrator of the San Diego ARC. He and his wife, Captain Julie Brown, organized and hosted the events.

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