Doris Verbout Goes Home

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Doris Verbout, daughter of John and Ethel Ellis, was a faithful soldier of the Portland, Ore., Moore Street Corps.

Doris lived her life for others. She took care of her six children, two of whom are officers today; Major Cheryl Fuqua and Major Crystal Morrow, over 20 foster children, 20 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. Yet, her family was not the only beneficiary to her love. Doris gave relentlessly to the corps, serving as Sunday school teacher for 20 years, a corps cadet counselor, home league member and officer, and corps pianist and organist.

Her corps officer, Lt. Doug Riley, stated “It’s easy to think of good things about people at their funeral, yet, it was not difficult to think anything but thoughts of the highest morals, values and kindness of this wonderful saint. She was my own Mother Teresa right here in North Portland.”

More than 300 people attended her funeral on May 24. Doris had Lou Gehrig’s disease, which had been discovered only a year before.

Owen To ICO

Owen To ICO

Major Judith Owen, corps officer at Colorado Springs,Colo



San Francisco, CA–Director of Social Services: Golden State DHQ is seeking

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