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Target facilitates housewarming gifts to the Army.

To encourage “housewarming” gifts for its new shelter—currently under remodel—the San Bernardino, Calif., corps has registered with Target stores, hoping the community will help out by purchasing necessities like pillows, blankets and bedding. Target opened this service to include donations to non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army.

Completion of the remodeling is scheduled for early January.

In the existing shelter residents sleep on mats, but in the new building they will sleep on beds, which will require linens not needed before.

“We will be treating them with much more dignity than the current conditions allow,” Capt. Stephen Ball, corps officer of the San Bernardino Corps, said. “But we’re going to need a lot of help. A family just getting started in a new house may need linens for three or four beds, but we’re going to need 100 of almost everything. We need the help of the community to provide even those most basic bedding needs.”

The Target Foundation allows non-profit organizations to create registries enabling the public to donate specific needs. These lists are printable at any Target store—in the same way a wedding or baby gift list is—so shoppers can shop and donate at the same time.

No plans to visit Target anytime soon? You can go online to <>, go to “Registry & Lists” and use the “Advanced Search” function. Type in “Salvation Army” under “Search by Organization” and scroll down to “Salvation Army Hospitality House Homeless Shelter,” where you’ll find the items needed.

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