Doing the most good for seniors

Hawaii’s Adult Day Health Services receives a lettter of gratitude.

Hawaii’s Kauluwela Mission Corps Community Center—corps officers Majors Randy and Jonnette Mulch—operates the Adult Day Health Services (ADHS) as part of its ministry to the community. The program offers a multidisciplinary approach to caring for frail or disabled older adults. ADHS is under the State Department of Health.

Recently, Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Divisional Headquarters received a letter from a daughter of an ADHS client. It speaks to The Salvation Army’s efforts to “do the most good” for older adults.

Dear Salvation Army,

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of the staff at The Salvation Army Adult Day Health Services program. They are always upbeat, kind, gentle, and so very caring. My 88- year old mom has been in their care for a year, which allows me to return to work. Their monthly reports keep me abreast of mom’s health and progress. The staff also consults with me when they’ve noticed some questionable reactions in mom’s behavior and health; we come to an acceptable resolution based on their observations, my observations and my mom’s doctor’s advice.

Mom talks highly of the staff members and the program. She has mentioned a few times how she wants to “tip” the caregivers for the care that they provide. I am so very, very glad that mom is attending ADHS because of the fantastic service and outstanding personnel that we are so very glad to see and deal with every weekday.

I hope that you will let the staff how much they are appreciated. Mahalo nui loa.

Dianne Duffey
Honolulu, Hawaii

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