Divisions Report on Camp Meetings – Alaska Div.

Alaska Div. Grows Kingdom One-by-One at Meier Lake

By Major Nila Fankhauser –

“Growing the Kingdom One by One” was the theme of Alaska’s Labor Day Family Camp. Over 100 delegates met beside Meier Lake to be enthused and equipped for Kingdom growing by special guests Lt. Colonels Herb and Donna Wiseman (R). Leaders were Majors Harold and Joann Brodin, divisional commander and director of women’s organizations, respectively.

At the “Pre-Camp Praise and Prayer Service” at Anchorage Citadel, Wiseman spoke on “You Are What You Eat!” Drawing the attention of young and old, he referred to feeding on the “Meat of the Word” so that we would not always remain babies.

MISSION2000 “Call to a Count” was the emphasis at the Saturday morning Soldier Meeting. Captain Donna Ames was the speaker. She also led a Bible study emphasizing personal evangelism.

“Never better” was heard many times about the band and chorus. James Mallery led the camp band, representing most area corps, and the chorus, led by Captain Erik Sholin and accompanied by Captain Angie Sholin, was upbeat and uplifting.

God’s beautiful creation, the Alaskan mountains framing Meier Lake, was a large part of the camp experience. Families enjoyed canoeing, swimming, hiking, table games and good fellowship under sunny skies.

Majors Ray and Virginia Gilman were recognized for 35 years of Salvation Army service and presented with their long service bar. New Envoys Paul and Deana Belcher received their Envoy certificates.

Responding to the messages of the Wisemans and Captain Ames throughout the weekend, the group went forth to “Build His Kingdom, One by One…”

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