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By Captain Donna Ames –

As the year 2000 approaches, Commissioner David Edwards, territorial commander has called the territory to renewed commitment to Christ’s great commission to make disciples.

“The powerful words of Jesus in Matthew 28:19 ‘Go, make disciples …’ are meant for every believer and every Salvationist!” Edwards said. “This is the motivation behind our territorial evangelism and discipleship emphasis, Disciples Count.”

Captain Donna Ames, evangelism, cross cultural and adult programs secretary stated: “Discipleship is not a campaign but an essential part of what we are as Christians. In developing Disciples Count we sought input from officers and soldiers from around the territory and discovered that we didn’t need another program or statement of goals. Instead, we learned that what people needed was practical help in being better disciples.”

The request for practical help has led to the development of an extensive Resource Notebook filled with ideas, options and resources proven to be effective. “We recognize that every corps in the territory is different,” Ames said, “and this book has been developed to allow local leadership to pick and choose ideas that will best fit their needs.”

Edwards stated: This resource book has been prepared to help you and your corps with the five dynamics of Disciples Count: reaching, winning, enrolling, discipling and prayer. This book is not a step by step manual but an array of practical ideas, articles, exercises and sources for you to call upon as you seek to make ‘disciples count’ in your corps.”

Disciples Count is described as a tool to assist corps achieve MISSION2000 goals. It builds on the gains achieved in the “People Count” campaign and provides the flexibility and resources necessary for corps to establish ownership of their own programs.



HAVRE, MT: Ministry outreach worker–Join us in Big Sky Country and the

Disciples Count – Territorial Evangelism and Discipleship Emphasis

Disciples Count – Territorial Evangelism and Discipleship Emphasis

In 1991, MISSION2000 gave the Western Territory an expansive vision of growth

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