Denver Red Shield holds youth Divine Service

THE DENVER RED SHIELD honored Sunbeams, Explorers, and Adventure Corps members at a Divine Service recently.

The Denver Red Shield Corps held its Sunbeam and Adventure Corps Divine Service recently. George Lopez and Frank Muller, Adventure Corps leaders, presented the Substance Abuse, Aviation, Good Citizenship, Music, and Orienteering badges to Adventure Corps Rangers David Ryan and Anthony Harris, and to Explorers Preston Sanders, Alonzo Adams, and Austin Muller.

Sunbeam leaders Cherie Harris, Peggy Hoard and Cindy Young presented Maya Heath, Tabitha Graves, Haley Jacelon, Ella Cordova, Tahlia Johnson, Sania Sanders, Brittany Williams, Jatria Sanders, Rikkea Harris, and Lisa Smith with their Membership, 1st Class, 2nd Class, Drug Awareness, and Artist badges.

“The children participated in all aspects of the worship service and the corps had 114 in attendance for the Divine Service,” said Envoy ron McKinney, in-charge.

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