Denver Hispanic Program Reaches Families


by Envoy Francisco Miraval – 

Ten years ago, a small group of Hispanics decided to celebrate the “Cinco de Mayo” in Denver, Colo. The date commemorates the victory of Mexican peasants over invading French troops in 1864.

Now, the two-day celebration attracts more than 400,000 persons, coming from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. This year, for the first time, The Salvation Army had its place at the very heart of the celebration.

The army was the only church and Christian organization with an established and active presence during the celebration. Denver Alameda Temple Corps had its own tent, next to one of the three stages of the celebration. This was courtesy of Radio Romantica, the number one Hispanic radio station in the city.

Beginning with a multicultural parade, the celebration included performances by many well known local and national artists. The Aztec Dancers were major performers.

Envoys Francisco and Karin Miraval, in charge of Alameda Temple, and 15 volunteers of the corps, worked all weekend, ministering to and answering questions from the more than 1,200 who visited the tent, and handing out invitations and literature to passersby.

As a result of the effort, 70 families were contacted. Several of these now attend Sunday services or other weekday activities at the corps, enhancing the Army’s ministry to Hispanic families in the area.

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