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Crestmont College recently hosted a Holiness Seminar with Bible teacher, author, and retired General Bramwell Tillsley (R). In addition to the cadets, LEADS students and staff of Crestmont College, sessions were open to interested Salvationists from across the territory through the SOAR program.


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SOAR (Seminar Opportunities and Retreats) is an outreach of the Crestmont College School for Continuing Education, offering a variety of on-campus educational and inspirational events to officers and soldiers.

The 11 SOAR delegates to the recent Holiness Seminar joined in general sessions with the cadets and staff. This kind of interaction is part of the vision of Crestmont College to be an open campus sharing educational resources with the territory. In addition, SOAR delegates had the privilege of enjoying a private dinner with General and Mrs. Tillsley. Three ARC adherents learned just how much the Tillsleys love the ministry of the ARC when they won the drawing that gave them seats at the General’s table. Delegates also enjoyed a special concluding session that included an informal question and answer period and prayer time.

Delegates were enthusiastic about the experience. They gave high marks for Crestmont’s newly remodeled conference center and unanimously gave excellent marks for Tillsley’s teaching.

One delegate commented, “General Tillsley is without peer. We couldn’t ask for better.” Another said, “I was lifted up to a new level of spiritual experience and accountability to God; I desire to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of my life.”

Evie Dawe ­ half a century of serving

Evie Dawe ­ half a century of serving

EVIE DAWE HAS played the piano during ARC chapel services since 1953

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Promoted to Glory

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