Del Oro Women Gather

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Women’s Retreat

by Lt. Tina Hoover – 

Doors were everywhere! Doors of every shape and size provided the decor for the Del Oro Women’s retreat. The decor emphasized the theme, “On the Threshold…Opening Closed Doors.” Study topics included asking, seeking and knocking.

Friday night, after a game of “Let’s Make a Deal”–(Which door?) Lt. Colonel April Strickland gave the keynote address, focusing on doors of opportunity.

Three small sessions featured special guest Lt. Colonel Dianne Hogan (DWO, Southwest Division), who likened seeking to a dream of a long hallway of locked doors with a key that opens only one.

Entertainment and useful information were the rule in Saturday afternoon workshops. Subjects included everything from crafting and cooking to organizing oneself and others. Continuing the theme of pursuit Saturday evening, there was a 1940s mystery theater “Whodunit” with the ladies dressing in appropriate costume and guessing the culprit.

Sunday’s final session included special music and moments. Touched hearts were in evidence as Hogan invited each woman to reflect what obstacles prevent them from stepping over the threshold of opportunity in their own lives.

So–What Is Really Going on in Pahrump?

So–What Is Really Going on in Pahrump?

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