Del Oro Home League Cuts New Pattern

del oro

CREATIVE–Maj. Janet Summerfield, Oakland Clay St. Corps, leads a workshop on making paper bag baskets.


by Lt. Tina Hoover – 

The word “pattern” means example, standard, model, guide or sample. As a verb, it means to copy, follow or imitate. As a theme for the 1999 Del Oro Home League Conference, “A Pattern for Living,” it fulfilled every one of these descriptions.

Patterns for life materialized in each event, beginning with “Stylin’ with Sally,” which was a fashion show. A variety of Salvation Army thrift store outfits were first modeled, then available for purchase on a bid system.

As special guest speaker, Colonel Esther Sather brought plenty of thematic material, but won the hearts of her audience (and put them in stitches) with the renditions of “Second Hand Rose” and “Buttons & Bows.”

Conference highlights included: the 1999 Honorama awards presentation, confirming that models of faithful service exist throughout the entire division; two dozen workshops providing standards for self-improvement as well as examples of creativity; and informal presentations supplying guides, including a “how not to” from the Redding police department and a “how-to” on Hawaiian quilting.

Elva Aiken, Roseville Corps, was awarded the “Seamstress Extrordinaire.”

The closing assembly reminder that patterns are to be used included mending time–for alterations of both the heart and mind. If the response is a sample of the new standards set, we get the notion that the Del Oro Division will see a new style. Sew look out!

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