Del Oro, Golden State combine camps

This year’s winners at the Del Oro and Golden State Divisions Music & Creative Ministries camp are:

CHORUSES: Birks Chorus-Crystal St. Germaine, Foley Chorus-Jazmine Yepez, Stillwell Chorus-Racquel Wrobel, Tobin Boys Chorus-Tyler Fagerstrom, Pearce Girls Chorus-Elisa Phakdy.

MINISTRY MAJORS: AV Ministries-Marcela Viquez, Mallett Band-Andrew Espinoza, Anderson Band-Kim Prims, Bosanko Band-Gerson Nkunku, Clowning-Ian Kile, Drama-Jessica Miani, Guitar-Darla Ott, Piano Beginning-Jazmine Yepez, Piano Advanced-Annya Valdez, Puppets-Sean McCoy, Oakwood Timbrels-Vanessa Cabrales, Glenview Timbrels-Hillary Magana, Redwood Timbrels-Crystal Inacio.

ELECTIVE MINISTRIES: AV Ministries-Krysta Powles, Bell Choir-Cinthya Tapia, Clowning-Austin Nevers, Contemporary Bass-Ryan Eng, Devotion in Motion-Stephanie Fagerstrom, Drama-Nicholas Helms, Drum Line-Katie Steinhauer, Guitar-Julissa El Vencere, Flags & Ribbons-Alisha Waters, Holy Hip Hop-Ashley Rubin, Piano-Katie Tong, Puppets-Joshua Prince, Recorders-Anthony Knickerbocker, Steel Drums-Emily Tong, Timbrels-Patricia Marquez.

THEORY: Senior Theory Award-Daniel Prince, Junior Theory Award-Natalie Sains


Outstanding Junior Creative Arts
Crystal Castro

Outstanding Senior Creative Arts
Travis Yardley

Outstanding Junior Musician
Jesus Nkunku

Outstanding Senior Musician
Daniel Prince

Honor Junior Student
Nicholas Helms

Honor Senior Student:
Gerson Nkunku

MAJOR AWARDS – Golden State

Outstanding Junior Creative Arts
Rick Melara

Outstanding Senior Creative Arts
Katrian Puente

Outstanding Junior Musician
Emily Tong

Outstanding Senior Musician
Kenny Knickerbocker

Honor Junior Student
Katie Tong

Honor Senior Student
Sarah Gimenez


Awarded to the corps from the Del Oro Division with the highest grade point average

1st Place–Concord (36.0556)

2nd Place–Eureka (35)

3rd Place–Manteca (34.83333)


Awarded to the corps from the Golden State Division with the highest grade point average

1st Place–Gonzales (37.4)

2nd Place–SF Asian American (37.25)

3rd Place–Salinas Corps (34.42857)

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