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DEL ORO DIVISION Envoy Paul Yoon Tri ­ Cities, California

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How do you say the word envoy?




ENVOY PAUL Yoon speaks to members of the Tri-Cities Corps in Newark, California.Yoon ministers to the growing Korean community in the Tri-Cities area.

For many years Paul Yoon served as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in his native country of Korea. His first introduction to The Salvation Army was at a meeting in 1965 at which he heard (now) General Paul Rader (R) speak. He remembers being impressed with Rader’s Christian leadership and also because he spoke fluent Korean.

Yoon came to the USA to serve in the Presbyterian Church in San Francisco where he completed his Masters Degree in Ministry. During a connection made at a Korean Pastor’s Association meeting he linked up with Captain Man-hee Chang. During a pulpit exchange later with Chang, Paul Yoon spoke and his family sang at the corps in San Francisco. Yoon met Paul Rader for the second time. On that day Rader and Chang spoke to Paul Yoon and asked him to join The Salvation Army. He prayed about the opportunity for two years! In 1994, commissioned by Major Ed Covert in Sacramento, California Yoon opened the Korean ministry.

In Sacramento, Yoon met Taek Kim at the Korean Pastors Association. Kim was also a Presbyterian minister. Yoon saw in him the qualities and characteristics that would endear him to Salvation Army ministry. He later approached Kim who agreed to become his assistant and before long was left in charge as Envoy Paul Yoon went off to start the work in Oakland, CA.

Paul Yoon is married to Joy, and they have two children. Even though Joy works full-time for the United States Post Office she is very supportive of her husband’s ministerial role and plays the piano and teaches at the corps. He has four years left until retirement and wants to keep going ­ having just moved to Tri Cities to begin the work there to reach the growing Korean population of Newark, Union City and Fremont. He told me, ” I will continue for as long as I can. We have just completed our vision and goals for the next year. Everyone knows we will be busy but God is faithful and we believe that many Korean people will come to know him here in the Tri-Cities region.”

This envoy of The Salvation Army is earnest in his leadership, passionate about saving souls, and demonstrates the utmost compassion for the people he serves. He wants only to do the will of God. His obedience to listen to Christ and minister in his name is nothing short of inspirational. Thank God for this man and for all envoys, for the dedication and commitment they bring to the ministry of The Salvation Army.

NORTHWEST DIVISION Envoy Peggy Guthrie Great Falls, Montana

NORTHWEST DIVISION Envoy Peggy Guthrie Great Falls, Montana

How do you say the word envoy?

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