Del Oro Div. Youth Meet

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by Krystal Scruggs – 

This was no ordinary Youth Councils–Del Oro’s new Divisional Youth & Candidates Secretaries Captains Rob and Stacy Birks made the weekend something for the memory book.

Special guests included Lt. Colonels Raymond and Carolyn Peacock, Majors Rudy and Judy Hedgren, and Cadet Dee Dee Lively. Mad Dogs & Englishmen, a Christian drama/comedy duet, and Brigadiers Bob and Olive Yardley (R), were on hand as well.

During the first meeting, laughter greeted camera clips of youthful doings around the division: bubble gum contests, human pyramids, penny runs and such.

Delegates had a wide choice of activities: flashlight tag, 3 on 3 basketball, Gospel choir, and wonderful guitar playing by Captain Bill Jaynes from Stockton Corps, as delegates rubbed elbows in the Monterey Café.

“I had a good time while staying spiritually focused,” said Shiloh Brooks, pianist for the worship band, which played often during the weekend.

Staying spiritually focused was easy to do, from the themed breakout sessions to the wonderful early morning devotions led by Cadet Lively. A life without Jesus would be useless, counseled Captain Robert Birks. A newsletter written by Captain Stacy Birks told of fasting and its importance. The opportunity was offered to fast for Saturday lunch and spend the time in prayer instead.

Pray On Warriors (P.O.W.), a territorial project, was explained, and there was information about starting Christian groups or clubs on high school campuses. A video, “She said ‘Yes’,” about the Columbine student, Cassy Bernal, who was killed for saying that she was indeed a Christian, was also shown.

After being a part of this Youth Councils, all would agree with Josh Birks (Sacramento Citadel) that “God worked miracles.”

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