Crossbearers Appointments

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The new Captains of the Crossbearers session received their first appointments at the Commissioning, Ordination, and Appointments service in Long Beach, Calif.

Captain Timothy J. Carr
Assistant Corps Officer Billings Corps, Montana

Captains Andres M. & Maria Magdalena Espinoza
Corps Officers Pasco Temple Corps, Washington

Captain Joanne Lisette Folch
Assistant Corps Officer Chico Corps, California

Captains Michael Eugene & Nancy E. Halverson
Corps Officers Oxnard/Port Hueneme Corps, California

Captain Joel David Harmon
Assistant Corps Officer El Cajon Corps, California

Captain Moises Hernandez, Jr.
Assistant Corps Officer Southeast Communities Corps, California

Captain Vicki L. Jackson
Corps Officer Klawock Corps, Alaska

Captain Tina Marie Leicht
Assistant Corps Officer Oroville Corps, California

Captains Craig Bruce & Marsha Ann Little
Assistant Corps Officers Olympia Corps, Washington

Captains Michael Eugene & Kelley L. Lutcher
Associate Corps Officers Leeward Corps, Hawaii

Captains Ramón Noé & Tina Ocaño
Associate Corps Officers Eureka Corps, California

Captain Lisa A. Smith
Director of Social Services, Boulder County Service Center, Colorado

Captain Joshua S. Sneed
Assistant Corps Officer Redondo Beach Corps, California

Captains Carlos & Gildete Souza
Corps Officers San Fernando Valley Corps, California

Captains Eric David & Janet M. Wilkerson
ARC Trainees

Captain Erica Unmi Yang
Assistant Corps Officer Eastside Corps, Washington

Captains Michael E. & Susan Mavonne Nute
Corps Officers South Anchorage Corps, Alaska

Suited for Service

Suited for Service

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Commissioning 2002 – What a Weekend!

Commissioning 2002 – What a Weekend!

Commissioning weekend provided significant opportunities for over 3,000 youth

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