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by Lisa Bingham –

The cadets of the Heralds of the Good News Session were officially welcomed at a private banquet at the Crestmont campus by the staff of the College for Officer Training, the Visionaries session, and by territorial and divisional administrative officers. Excitement filled the room as fourteen new cadets were introduced and invited to embrace the next two years as a God-given opportunity to learn and grow in God’s grace, becoming all he has called them to be in the ranks of The Salvation Army.

The combined sessions chorus sang a lively version of “Wake Up O Sleeper,” led by Music & Worship Ministries Director Duncan Sutton.

Guest speaker, Lt. Colonel Doorke Schurink, from the Netherlands, spoke with passion: “God has called each Herald by name. He has touched your life; he has made you move in a new direction and in a new adventure that will last a lifetime. Wherever the way may lead, his promise remains true––God has called you by your name. He will never leave you.”

“Come join our Army, to battle we go,” was the clarion call sounded by Cadet Jonathan Harvey, president of the Visionaries Session, as he addressed the new cadets and welcomed them to the college. “At Crestmont you will be stretched and molded into the Heralds of the Good News that God has called you to be. We must stand united, one Army, one mission––Doing the Most Good. Our love for God is our common goal.” Harvey brought his remarks to an end by invoking the famous and inspiring words attributed to William Booth, “While women weep, I’ll fight.” Cadets from the Visionaries Session seated around the room, stood and dramatically echoed Booth throughout the reading: “I’ll fight—I’ll fight—-I’ll fight.”

Cadet Marina Martinez responded on behalf of the new session, likening them to Paul who was also called to be a herald, “to proclaim with our voices, and to live to bring honor to God.”

The evening concluded with praise and worship led by Major Arvilla Hostetler, campus services director, and the benediction by Territorial President, Women’s Ministries, Commissioner Patricia Swyers.

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by Thomas Fenton, Captain –  One of the holiest places I have ever been is

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