Crestmont kicks off $1.2 million campaign

An October kickoff is planned for the Territory-wide fundraising program which will support Crestmont College, the new educational hub of the Western Territory.


Crestmont College:
The center for lifelong learning

Educational hub of the Western Territory

Crestmont College today…

The School for Officer Training – providing training for officership, including conferring an AA in Ministries

The School for Continuing Education – a choice of Bachelor of Arts degrees for officers and others, utilizing quality faculty from throughout the Territory and beyond

Leadership Education and Discipleship School – a THQ program to train and equip young adults as Salvation Army Youth Ministry Leaders and Directors

“Think Tank” for Assessment and Innovation

Cross-Cultural Ministries and Services Training

For the future…

  • State-of-the-art conference center
  • Satellite learning centers
  • Offsite degree completion program modules
  • Candidate readiness program
  • On-line certificate programs
  • Educational partnerships

The proposed Campaign for Crestmont will begin with a $1.5 million fundraising goal for Phase One, a two-year plan to develop an annual giving program and foundation and corporate support. Phases Two and Three will advance the campaign’s long term goal of building an endowment to secure the college’s long-term financial future.

Leading off the Campaign for Crestmont will be the college’s Board of Advisors, with a special appeal to members and friends. “The board will determine specific goals for our appeal,” Chairman Dr. James Hartman said. “One area of interest is helping the college attract top-notch faculty from the higher education arena.”

Crestmont College is designed to bring a new standard of excellence in education and training to Salvation Army officers, soldiers, employees and others. The college’s two schools–The School for Officer Training and The School for Continuing Education–will offer comprehensive degree and non-degree programs to keep Western Territory Army leaders on the cutting edge of technology and effective management.

According to Crestmont President and Principal Lt. Colonel Doug O’Brien, a grant from Western Territorial Head-quarters has launched the pilot BA-degree program for new Lieutenants and the LEADS Youth Leadership Institute. “Our growth and the development of further innovative programs and a state-of-the-art conference center are dependent on the success of Crestmont’s fund development program in achieving our financial goals,” O’Brien said.

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