Concord Temple Band Performs in Canada

Del Oro Division

Memorial Day weekend, the Concord, Calif., Temple Band (Majors Bill and Judy Nottle, corps officers) visited Edmonton Temple in Alberta Province, Canada. The 36 musicians presented two concerts in Edmonton and also performed in a local shopping mall.

This was the first major engagement for the band under the direction of Bandmaster James Black. In everyday life he is a senior executive in “Silicon Valley.” Originating from Saltcoats Corps in his native Scotland, Black was Songster Leader at Chatham Citadel, England, before moving to the United States in 1975.

Black was a soldier and later Songster Leader in Dallas, Texas, until his employment took him to the Bay Area. He led the Songsters at the former Oakland Citadel, which relocated to the City of Concord in 1994. An accomplished pianist, he also plays for the corps and Songsters.

Last year saw major contrasts in the history of the Concord Temple Band. They made a very successful 15-day concert tour of the United Kingdom, where they visited 10 Salvation Army centers and were privileged to play in the famous Yorkminster Cathedral. Later in the year they were the featured solo band at the Great Victory Congress.

Tragedy came in the sudden promotion to Glory of their music director, Richard Spicer, coupled with the passing of two stalwart members–Norm Blackie and Len Box. Regrouping under their new leader, they are marching onward, intent on bringing blessing to those who hear their music and continuing in the spirit of those gone before.

This year sees the addition of young people from the Young People’s Band who have committed their lives to serve God and use their musical talents for him. International travel gives opportunity for sharing fellowship with other Salvationists.

The success of the young people’s band is due to the dedication and motivation of Bandleader David Prince, Jr. When the corps moved to Concord there were just four members. David’s efforts have resulted in a group of 18 well established musicians, playing in Sunday school and giving concerts, with six beginners waiting to join.

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