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‘A textbook in mission and a personal guide for those lost, or those helping the lost.’

By James and Carolyn Knaggs, Commissioners –

What makes the difference to a dying world? What hope can there be for our society today, when so many are making fatal choices in their relationships, lifestyles and cultural acceptances? Do we really believe that our world is headed in the right direction? How did we get so far off track? Perhaps this quandary explains why so many are quick to embrace anything and everything that makes them feel good, look good, or advances their cause for personal gain. Their hope for the world around them is dissipating with every day and the future isn’t any brighter.

The Holy Scriptures prove to us that God has a better way for all of us. They reveal a purposeful life of abundance that demonstrates love for each person in powerful, transformative ways. Regardless of our nationality, affluence, influence, or personal attributes, God’s plan is for the healing of nations, marriages, relationships and personal conflicts in a holy and caring manner. He declares by his grace that we need not give up. He, indeed, is the difference maker for a dying world. There’s good news in that he still has hope for us. He sees promise in us and provides a way to realize the joys he made us for. He hasn’t yet given up and neither should we.

Our culture is replete with lost citizens, victimized by their surroundings and people they trusted. Others have made poor choices based upon bad information or a disregard for common sense and morality. They are in despair and hopeless. How will they find the solutions God has prepared for them?

That’s precisely why we need to revisit “Community in Mission” by the brilliant teacher and practitioner, Commissioner Phil Needham. Originally printed in 1987, the text is being reprinted now by Frontier Press to invite Salvationist readers to reflect again on who we are as a Salvation Army. He expertly puts these concerns and their solutions in context for us and for our generation. He reminds us that in God we have a constructive way forward and that his grace is sufficient in all things. This work doubles as a textbook in mission and a personal guide for those lost, or those helping the lost. In these pages you will read and be challenged to live a life of full-on discipleship, which will make a world of difference to a dying world. It’s possible because it’s God’s plan and it’s relevant because Needham communicates convincingly of our role for today.

Not many books written today will stand the test of time as this work does. Join us in discovery, hope, and blessing. The time is now. The people who need our support are all around us. You are the perfect person to do it. Now we have a guide that will make sense of it all. You can trust the words in it to form a hope within you, an attitude of practicality that will lead you to right conclusions and a heart to trust God in the process. He is the way, the truth and the life. You will know this better from now on. God be with you as you take this in and apply it to your journey.

Find Community in Mission at frontierpress.org. The 2016 edition is aided by a Q&A with a community of Salvationists in mission together and the author.   

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