Commissioning workshops focus on building multi-ethnic corps

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Territorial Director for Leadership, Evangelism, and Discipleship Aleen Bradley introduced the Commissioning weekend attendees to the new online discipleship training.

The Western Territory’s multicultural ministries department offered the seminar, “Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Corps” and several workshops at Commissioning on June 12.

Keynote speaker Dr. DeYmaz presented the “Leading a Healthy Multi-ethnic Corps” workshop based on his second book, “Leading a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church: Mixing Diversity Into Your Local Church.” He identified seven common challenges of a multi-ethnic church and demonstrated, through Scripture, culture, and experience, how to overcome the obstacles.

“La Cultura de la Vida” (Worldly Lifestyle), presented by Lt. Col. Zoilo Pardo, provided life-guidelines on how to focus on God’s mission and The Salvation Army of tomorrow. “Today, we see an increase in sexual permissiveness as well as an increase in the number of suicides among teenagers and young adults,” Pardo said. “What can we do in our Ministry? How can we reach them?” He urged attendees not to marginalize each other and those around them.

Majors James and Joyce Lee’s “Let Jesus Live through You” workshop focused on the future of the Salvation Army’s Korean Ministry and the important role of corps’ local officers.

Lt. Col. Magali Pardo said the purpose of the seminar and workshops was to educate and raise awareness about ministering in the 21st Century. “We must be sensitive to the reality that all officers and soldiers need to evangelize and serve others in diverse neighborhoods and  world,” she said.

Following the launch of “Call to Arms” on June 11, Territorial Director for Leadership, Evangelism, and Discipleship Aleen Bradley introduced the Commissioning weekend attendees to one of the eight videos from the new online discipleship training series titled “How to Study the Bible.” The video featured speaker Captain Annalise Francis.

Bradley went over the material and opened up the floor to questions and a discussion. After the discussion, she walked the guest in attendance through the interactive features and demonstrated how easily shareable the content is.

“I hope they’ll feel more comfortable using it and that they will recommend it to someone, that they’ll use it at their corps and that they’ll share it on social media,” Bradley said.  

Major Danielle Strickland, territorial social justice secretary, also presented a workshop titled  “Social Justice” on Saturday.

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