Commissioning services bring back Raders

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All are invited to attend the official dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Western Territorial Headquarters to be held Saturday, June 10, at 10:00 a.m.

Guests of honor will be General Paul Rader (R) and Commissioner Kay Rader (R). The building is located at 180 E. Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach.

The Western territorial headquarters has occupied the wonderful facility of Crestmont for 25 years. As we move into the new millennium, it has become obvious that with the myriad programs on the field now being resourced by territorial headquarters, we have outgrown our portion of the Crestmont campus.

An added benefit to this move is that the planned Crestmont education center will now have adequate room for implementation of training programs toward better preparing all Army personnel to lead, deliver, resource, and administer our mission in the 21st century.

The Lomita annex (which houses the Adult Rehabilita-tion Command Center and call center, the social services department, the supplies and purchasing department, and the Western territorial museum offices) is in the process of being sold; all THQ departments will now be housed in one building with the exception of the supplies and purchasing department, the education department, maintenance, and the museum, which are relocating to the Crestmont campus.

Although offices in the Long Beach facility will not be occupied until early July, we are anxious to introduce ourselves both to the local community and to Salvationists in the Western Territory.

Assignments announced

Assignments announced

Territorial Commander Commissioner David Edwards has announced the following

Are you washed?

Are you washed?

Commissioning 2000 Original Musical: “The Blood of the Lamb”

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