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Singing Companies compete in Pasadena

MEMBERS OF THE Leeward Corps Singing Company are shown at the 2001 competition.

2003 is a Singing Company competition year. This means that children in the Western Territory from the ages of seven to sixteen will be coming to Pasadena on Saturday, June 14. The competition, held every two years, will be one of the events taking place during Commissioning weekend at the First Church of the Nazarene.

Last year, Territorial Music Secretary Bandmaster James Anderson wrote to many of our Salvation Army composers inviting them to submit a song for this year’s album. Each submission was then played and sung by various musicians throughout the territory before being selected to be sure it was suited for young voices. Copies were then sent out to all divisional music departments.

“Children Praise” was selected as the compulsory song. Every group participating must sing this selection. They are then free to select a second song either from this year’s Celebrate Jesus album or from a previous year Singing Company album.

Beginning this month, competitions will be held at the divisional level. Everyone is busy practicing. Who will be coming to Pasadena in June? Will your corps will representing your division? And, who will be the 2003 Territorial Singing Company winner?

Join us in Pasadena on June 14 at 9:30 am for the answer and for some lovely music.

Youth department offers Commissioning care for kids

by Brian Bearchell, Major –

If you have a child, we have the care! In the great youth department tradition, we will be providing an outstanding opportunity for your child to enjoy the commissioning events on a level planned for him/her.

While we as adults may find the meetings a blessing and encouragement, your child won’t. He or she will want to get up and run while yelling at the top of his/her lungs.

With the assistance of Kandis Phipps and her crew, child care will be provided for children six months through six years, during all commissioning meetings and workshops. Additionally, for the afternoon Commissioning and Ordination service, activities will be planned for children 3-7 years.

Come and enjoy Commissioning weekend. Leave the child care to us.

Los eventos del Comisionamiento incluyen la Concentracion Latina del Domingo

El Ejército de Salvación celebrará el comisionamiento y dedicación de los nuevos capitanes en el Territorio Oeste de los Estados Unidos. La sesión de cadetes nombrados “Creyentes” completará su estudio y preparación para ser Oficiales del Ejercicio de Salvación. Serán nombrados al campo de batalla donde servirán al Señor con el corazón a Dios y la mano al hombre.

Esta celebración y nombramiento se llevará a cabo el sábado, 14 de junio, 2003, en la Primera Iglesia del Nazareno (First Church of the Nazarene) en Pasadena. Este evento será traducido al español por medio de equipo de sonido compuesto especialmente para estos eventos.

También habrá talleres presentados en español por Oficiales y líderes del Ejército de Salvación. Infórmese de los detalles por medio de su Oficial Directivo.

Terminaremos el fin de semana con un gran Rally Latino Territorial en el Cuerpo Central de Los Ángeles. El domingo, 15 de Junio, 2003, a las 4:30 p.m. La Comisionada Linda Bond traerá la Palabra de Dios. Para más información, hable con su oficial Directivo.

Commissioning events include Sunday Latino rally

The Salvation Army will celebrate the commissioning and dedication of its new U.S. Western Territorial captains. The session called “Believers” will complete their training and studies to become Salvation Army officers. They will be appointed to the battlefield where they will serve “with their heart to God and hand to man.” This celebration and commissioning will take place in the First Church of The Nazarene in Pasadena, on June 14, 2003. The event will be translated into the Spanish language (and other languages as necessary) through sound equipment especially arranged for these events.

There will also be Spanish workshops presented by Hispanic Salvation Army officers and leaders. Get more detailed information from your corps officers.

We will close the weekend with a grand Territorial Latino Rally at the LA Central Corps, on Sunday, June 15, 2003, at 4:30 p.m. Commissioner Linda Bond will bring a message from the Word of God. For more information, talk with your corps officer.

Workshop ‘makes the field a priority’ on Saturday

One of the West’s six strategic priorities, “Make the field a priority” is the basis of a Saturday morning workshop that will focus on the goal that “all corps be healthy as measured by a credible tool.”

This workshop will address currently available tools, foundational principles and resulting developmental steps in building a healthy corps. The workshop will be presented in both English and Spanish.

Current measurement standards of growth indicate that our territory added almost 300% to those whom we identify as our people across the territory during the ’90s, as well as 67% in the numbers of locations we call our corps or places of worship and service.

These are the largest growth percentages of any denomination in the 13 western states. Arising out of that number comes the concern for how healthy is this growth. We want to use appropriate tools to continue to refine methods that will assist us in measuring corps’ health.

Join us Saturday morning in this opportunity to learn together for the good of our kingdom building efforts.

Meal information

Saturday lunch and dinner will be provided for a small fee ($5 each) at the Commissioning venue. You will want to take advantage of this as there are not many local restaurants. Register for your meals on the Commissioning registration form.


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