Commissioning: ‘Messengers of Compassion’ appointed across the West

The following appointments are effective June 26.


Lts. Colin and Felicia Davis-Pederson

Corps Officers, Billings Corps

Intermountain Division


Lt. Joshua Daley

Assistant Corps Officer, Reno Corps

Del Oro Division


Lt. Roxana Espinoza

Corps Officer, Santa Ana Temple

California South Division


Lt. Rosanna Garcia

Assistant Corps Officer, Fairbanks Corps

Alaska Division


Lt. Omoduni George-Kawaley

Assistant Corps Officer, Portland Moore Street Corps

Cascade Division


Lts. Denise and Mark Litreal

Corps Officers, Escondido Corps

California South Division


Lts. Christopher and Gina Noble

Associate Corps Officer, Santa Clara Citadel

Golden State Division


Lt. Mony Oregel

Corps Officer, Stockton Corps

Del Oro Division


Lt. Brian Qualls

Corps Officer, Whittier Corps

California South Division


Lts. David and Diane Shatto

Corps Officers, San Rafael Corps

Del Oro Division


Lt. Terri Snyder

Assistant Corps Officer, Modesto Corps

Golden State Division


Lt. Jonathan Tollerud

Assistant Corps Officer, Kenai Peninsula Corps

Alaska Division


Lt. Florenz Tumale

Assistant Corps Officer, Estrella Mountain Corps

Southwest Division


Lts. David and Lusero Vargas

Assistant Corps Officers, Monterey Peninsula Corps

Golden State Division

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