Commissioner Swyers—on your computer

Western Territory’s podcast of conversations with the territorial commander is up and running.

by Josh Cowing – 

In its continuing efforts to stay on the cutting edge of technology and communication, the Western Territory is pleased to announce a new resource immediately available to all officers, soldiers, adherents and employees of this territory and beyond.

Spirit of the West is a new podcast, which features an intimate and informative conversation with our Territorial Commander, Commissioner Philip Swyers. As the Commissioner states in the first episode, “A long time ago I had the thought that it would be great to communicate with [everyone in the territory] over a cup of coffee about once a month. Technology has come to the place where it really is a reality.”

This podcast is designed to allow the Commissioner to communicate directly with the field on or about the first of each month, discussing whatever is on his heart for the territory. It offers a rare and unique opportunity to hear from the Commissioner directly, in a setting that allows him to speak informally on current topics.

Just what is a podcast? A podcast is basically like a radio show, consisting of a series of downloadable audio files. To listen to an episode, visit the website for the podcast at and click on the title of an episode. It should automatically start playing on your computer. Alternatively (and what actually makes a podcast a podcast), you can choose to subscribe to the podcast. Every time a new episode is posted, it will be automatically downloaded to your computer, so you can play it back whenever you like. For more information, visit the territorial website at, and click on the link on the right side of the page for Spirit of the West.

For more information, feedback, or technical difficulties, contact Josh Cowing at

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