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by Martin Hunt – 

As we approach the commissioning of new officers in the USA Western Territory, I had the opportunity to ask Commissioner Philip Swyers some questions as we all look towards this significant event in our territory.

Commissioner, what do you remember most about the day you were commissioned as an officer? The sheer excitement of the unknown along with the privilege of a commission to begin doing what God wanted me to do.

What is important about the Ordination and Commissioning ceremony? It is the blessing of God upon one’s life that seals the presence of God’s Holy Spirit in doing his bidding.

Why should Salvationists be present at this year’s commissioning? Commissioning is the “life blood” of the Army—it’s the springtime, a time of new beginnings, a time when we all celebrate the excitement of new ministry and growth in the Army. It should be every Salvationist’s privilege to be in the presence of new officers as they receive their commission and ordination.

This will be the first time you will commission officers; what does that mean to you? It is a very humbling thought to be in partnership with God’s Holy Spirit in an individual’s life. I am deeply honored to have a role in this spiritual journey for the new officers as part of God’s plan for them.

As the cadets prepare for their commissioning, what message of encouragement would you give? Be bold in the name of Christ and know that his presence will sustain you through all your joys and sorrows.

Commissioning is going to be an exciting event; you’ll want to be part of it.

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1,200 enjoy Denver Red Shield Easter weekend events

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Workshops for all

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