Commissioner Edwards officiates at THQ dedication

PREPARING TO cut the ribbon at the recent dedication ceremonies of the new territorial headquarters in Long Beach, Calif. are (l-r) Commissioner Kay Rader (R), Commissioner Doreen Edwards, General Paul Rader (R) and Commissioner David Edwards.

State and local dignitaries joined Salvation Army staff, employees and friends at the dedication ceremonies of the West’s new territorial headquarters during the Commissioning weekend.

The new facility is located on Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach, Calif.

Commissioner David Edwards, territorial commander, presided at the event. Joining him were General Paul A. Rader (R), Commissioner Kay F. Rader (R), Commissioner Doreen Edwards, Colonel Phil Needham, and Major Ralph Hood, Jr.

Edwards stated: “The movement of our Territorial Headquarters from Crestmont to this facility allows us, not only to consolidate our offices together in one location, but to provide room for the development of that campus into a significant center for lifelong education and learning. I believe this is what God wants us to do and where he wants us to be.”

Distinguished guests included State Senator Betty Karnette, 27th District, who presented Edwards with a certificate of recognition; State Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal, 54th District, who gave a proclaimation designating June 10 as Salvation Army Day; and Pearl Hernandez, representing State Assemblywoman Sally Havice’s office, 56th District, who presented a certificate of recognition.

A vocal solo was brought by Colonel Esther Sather.

In his address to the audience, Rader said: “The dedication of this new territorial headquarters represents the realization of a dream ­ the actualization of a vision. But what do we want to achieve in the dedication of this facility. In the Army, we are not given to ritual. We are not here to dedicate materials or simply show appreciation to helpers. We are not here to exorcise evil from the structure.

“The dedication of a facility is not about place. It is about the people who will serve in the place, for this place, with its greater accessibility, the better communication through its improved design will assist us in facilitating greater accomplishments in our mission.

“In Zimbabwe they sing a chorus as a call to worship ­ Master we are here for you ­ and they sing it over and over to begin a service. In the final analysis, that what our gathering here is about. Master, we are here for you. We have not come here as an exercise in kingdom building. Master, we are here for you.

“Bless this house, oh God. Make real your presence here. Extend your arms of love from this place. Let this be our prayer of dedication.”



Who says “You can’t take it with you” when THQ moves to Long Beach?

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