Commissioner Brian Taylor promoted to Glory

OCTOBER 12, 2004—Commissioner Brian Taylor was promoted to Glory in the early evening of Tuesday, October 12, from the St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach, California. He was surrounded by family.

Dr. Ian Campbell, a personal friend of the family, flew out from IHQ to be with Taylor’s wife, Commissioner Margaret Taylor, soon after he was stricken.

Taylor had been consulting in the Western Territory for a number of days before his death. In a memorial service celebrating his life, which was held at THQ, Commissioner Bill Luttrell stated, “He relied on the unfailing adequacy of God’s grace in every situation, offering praise to God. You could trust him because he trusted God. This is what allowed him to move throughout the world, reaching out in love—he evidenced the sweet spirit of Christ in his life—in his actions and his countenance.”

Lt. Colonel Dan Starrett said of him: “Commissioner Brian Taylor was ‘of the earth but heaven sent,’ and though he was talented in business, he did not live a life of finance, but a life of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world. He was a great encourager, a great leader, and a great friend.”

Taylor entered the International Training College from Tottenham North Corps, as a ‘Soldier of Christ.’ He was commissioned in May 1963 and appointed to the Hull East Corps in the then British Territory. Following his marriage to Lieutenant Margaret Overton in May 1964 they spent seven years in corps appointments throughout the British Isles including such places as Alford, Horncastle, Alderney, Dorchester and Balham. Four years as sectional officers at the International Training College preceded the Taylors’ first overseas appointment in East Africa, where Brian served as the Financial Secretary. In October 1983 came the first of a series of appointments at International Headquarters, all within the Development Services Section.

Four years later, in September 1987 saw the return to East Africa where the then Lt. Colonel Brian Taylor served for four years as chief secretary. Three and a half years as an international auditor were followed by the Taylors being appointed to Pakistan as territorial leaders. Promotion to the rank of commissioner in September 1997 with the appointment of International Secretary for South Asia saw their return to International Headquarters.

A year later he was appointed as International Secretary for Finance, later re-designated International Secretary for Business Administration, the position in which he was serving at the time of his promotion to Glory.

Always ready to give ‘extra mile’ service he was active in the corps at Penge, playing in the corps band and helping in whatever capacity he could.

“The commissioner will be sorely missed. His contribution to the forwarding of the global mission is inestimable. He leaves a wonderful legacy,” said Chief of the Staff Israel Gaither. “We salute a deeply loved and highly respected husband, father, grandfather, friend—and fellow missioner.”

Details of the funeral service will be shared at a later date.

Please continue to pray for Commissioner Margaret and the family. Messages can be sent to: Commissioner Margaret Taylor, 38 Eden Way, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3BJ ENGLAND

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