Come join our army


The Stockton (Calif.) Corps, led by Captains Eric and Jasiel Tumale, added 22 new soldiers on Nov. 28, 2010. Del Oro Divisional Youth Secretary Captain Shevaun Malone enrolled 15 junior soldiers and seven senior soldiers. The new soldiers were enrolled after completing junior and senior soldier preparation classes conducted by Malone and Captain Eric Tumale, respectively.


Photo by Noah Silva


The Sheridan (Wyo.) Corps enrolled five senior soldiers and three junior soldiers on Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010. Left to right: Corps Officer Major Geraldine Leonard,  Mariah Fisher, Ryan Fisher,  Cody Adsit (Cody is a few months shy of his 14th birthday and was enrolled in a senior soldier uniform. He has completed the senior soldier preparation class and will be officially enrolled as a senior soldier upon his next birthday), Shelia Adsit, Brandon Adsit,  Schuyler DelCamp, Mikie Adsit (standing in front of Schuyler), Macie Albin, Corps Officer Captain David A. Leonard.

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