Come Join Our Army

New soldiers are recruited in various ways.

Major Lola Bacon, Eve Jordan, David Boggan, Kathleen Boggan, Samantha Rogers, Matthew Rogers, Major Floyd Bacon. Flagbearers are Recruiting Sargeant Debbie Salisbury and CSM Ken Salisbury. [Photo by Karen Kress]

New soldiers are joining The Salvation Army from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The Albany, Ore., corps recently enrolled five uniformed soldiers who had each completed the soldier preparation class and publicly signed their Soldiers’ Covenant. Majors Floyd and Lola Bacon are the corps officers at Albany. Flagbearers are Recruiting Sergeant Debbie Salisbury and Sergeant-Major Ken Salisbury.

David Boggan is an Advisory Board member, and it was the Advisory Board that first attracted him to the Army. His wife, Kathleen, came to the Army through the women’s outreach program and the Home League.

Matt and Sammi Rogers attended the Army as youngsters, eventually married, began to attend more regularly with their young family, and then decided to become senior soldiers.

Eve Jordan attends the corps with her mother, Nannette Niesler, and her daughter, Kasandra. Eve had been an adherent for a few years but wanted to make a further commitment to God and The Salvation Army.

At the Torrance, Calif., corps Majors Bob and Rhonda Lloyd enrolled Joshua and Micah Tangermann, Courtney Perine, Miguel Madrid and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Miller as senior soldiers and Jacob Tangermann as a junior soldier.

Josh, Micah and Jacob are the children of Tim and Kristy Tangermann. The family has a long history with the Army. Major Bob Lloyd is Kristy’s cousin, and young Jacob is named for his great-grandfather, the late Jake Ames, a lifelong Salvationist. Flagbearers are Brittany Tangermann and Jonah Perine.

Courtney is the daughter of Captains Ken and Jenni Perine, and Miguel and his parents, Ernesto and Myrna, are recent members. The Madrid family came through helping with the community Thanksgiving dinner. Lizzie came at the invitation of a friend at Biola University where she is a student. Majors Julio and Karen Vasquez are the Torrance corps officers.

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