Come join our Army

Reinforcements join the Army in Inglewood, Calif.

New soldiers gather at the Inglewood, Calif., corps.

The Inglewood, Calif. corps hosted a combined senior soldier enrollment—39 strong—conducted by Majors Steven and Sheila Bradley from Southern California divisional headquarters and ministry leaders Envoys Roy and Sharon Snapp-Kolas.

The new soldiers represent three separate corps and units: 16 from the Inglewood Corps (many of whom are clients at the Haven veterans program in Westwood); 11 from the Lighthouse Corps (attached to the then Harbor Light program); and 12 from the Bell Shelter Outpost of the Lighthouse Corps. Each group provided worship music for the meeting, which also included a presentation of Certificates of Completion to Inglewood Corps Cadets, and a message from the Word by Snapp-Kolas.

The Snapp-Kolases lead all three ministries throughout the week, including the soldiership classes. They conduct Sunday morning worship services at the Lighthouse and Inglewood corps, and collaborate for a Sunday evening service at the Bell Shelter, along with ministry leader Joe Moore, a soldier and Bell Shelter employee affectionately referred to as “Pastor” Moore.

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