Come join our Army

Are you looking for a place of worship? Do you have a passion for people? Are you ready to serve?

by Lisa Bingham –

join – 1) to put or bring together; connect, 2) to make into one; unite 3) to become a part or member of; enter into association with 4) to go to and combine with 5) to enter into the company of; to participate or take part with (Webster’s New World College Dictionary 4th ed.)

Does the notion of “joining” an organization in the 21st century seem passé or just plain dull? Researchers tell us that service club memberships are in decline; long-term commitments are on the wane. But perhaps it’s time to re-think what is meant by The Salvation Army’s open invitation.

President Obama has called upon every American to participate in service to the community. Your local Salvation Army corps or community center offers excellent opportunities to get involved in meaningful ways right now, no matter your interest or time availability.

Joining the Army doesn’t necessarily mean joining the church and wearing the uniform—although for many it does. Salvationists and non-Salvationists alike can advance the mission of the Army by volunteering their time. From tutoring in after-school programs to filling food pantries or serving on soup lines, to getting involved with your area disaster response team or planting and caring for flowers at an Army facility, the ways to help are almost limitless. Teach a Sunday school class or spend some time with seniors. Spruce up the childcare room at your local corps. Give piano lessons to kids or start a singing group. It all adds up to service.

The key is finding where your passions intersect with the needs of those in your community. Chances are that somewhere near that intersection, you’ll find The Salvation Army and a place to contribute. Whether you give one hour a week or several days each month, talk to your local corps officer. Find out what “Come Join Our Army” means to you: join,” “connect,” “go to,” “participate,” and serve in your own community. You’ll find tremendous reward in helping The Salvation Army meet the needs of others.

Our soldiers
Soldiership confirms commitment to the God who raised up the Movement and that commitment is best expressed through service to others. Without soldiers the Army would die. It depends on soldiers to fight the battle against evil. It needs soldiers who know God’s hand of guidance is on them. It needs soldiers who dare to trust God with their lives. It needs soldiers who obey their Lord, and who know how to say “Yes” to him. Whoever heard of an Army without soldiers? (Robert Street, Called to be God’s People)

Our Army is made up of soldiers, men and women willing to go to battle, willing to join with others to fight for justice, to stand up for Christ, and to make themselves available for service to others. There are over 1.4 million senior and junior soldiers in The Salvation Army worldwide today.

Have you considered becoming a soldier in this great Army? Or have you challenged someone you know to take this next step?

2009 is a great year to join the Army. Special enrolment ceremonies will be held in June, conducted by the General. See you corps officer for details!


October 2008 69
November 2008 71
December 2008 40
Total Enrolled- 1st Qtr 180


October 2008 12
November 2008 64
December 2008 66
Total Enrolled- 1st Qtr 146


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