Colorado Springs Honors James Dobson and Celebrates 110 Years


‘OTHERS’–Lt. Colonel Tom Jones, national community relations secretary, presents the “Others” Award to Dr. James Dobson.


The Salvation Army recently marked its 110th anniversary in Colorado Springs and El Paso County, Colo., at their annual civic dinner.

Lt. Colonel Tom Jones, national community relations secretary, made a special presentation to Dr. James Dobson of the “Others” Award. This award is presented to individuals who share the vision of the Army in caring for others. Dobson is the founder and president of Focus on the Family.

The featured speaker was former Vice President Dan Quayle. He spoke on the important work of The Salvation Army across the country and in Colorado Springs. He shared that his wife, Marilyn, serves on the Army’s National Advisory Board, and that he and his family served meals several years to the homeless at the Army on Thanksgiving.

Special music was provided by Christian artist Matthew Ward, of “Second Chapter of Acts” fame. The dinner featured a 12-minute 110th Anniversary video highlighting the Army’s ministry in the community.

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