Army’s Missing Persons Service helps reunite families.


Sam and Vincent

Second chances…that is what The Salvation Army Missing Persons Service offers to hundreds of families every year. Our mission is to reunite families, bring together broken homes and perhaps even brighten the darkness of a prison cell.

Vincent contacted our office hoping to locate the father he had never known. The search turned out to be quick, as the father, Sam, responded to us within a month after we opened the case. Sam was not sure how Vincent would fit into his family, but after some hesitation, he took Vincent’s information.

Over several weeks, the two shared numerous phone calls. Sam excitedly contacted the office to let us know of the progress between himself and his new “son.” After their first in-person meeting took place, Sam wrote to us as follows:

When Vincent met my other two sons, Michael and Mark, it was as if they had grown up together! I do not look back at those lost 36 years because I am not able to change things, but now I look to a future where I can make a difference for Vincent as well as Michael and Mark. Thank you again and again!

God works in wonderful ways through the Missing Persons Service, many times putting the pieces of a “broken family” back together.

For more information, go to and click on “Services” or contact Missing Persons at THQ: (562) 491-8320.

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