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International Headquarters’ Salvation Books is releasing a new series entitled, Classic Salvationist Texts, designed to engage a new generation with the great writings published by Salvationists over the past hundred plus years.

General Shaw Clifton says of these writings, “They live on not only for their content but also for the passionate spirit that breathes through what is written.”

The first book, Purity of Heart, written by Army founder, General William Booth, began in 1900 as a series of letters to be read in weekly gatherings of Salvationists. Two years later they were published in book form. In this slim, pocket-sized book, readers will find teaching on the blessings of a clean heart—a central tenet of Salvationism. In it, William Booth deals with such matters as defining the gift of purity. Modern Salvationists and friends will be inspired as Booth defines the gift of purity. These writings—from so many years ago—may even cause us to take inventory of our own lives today.

Upcoming titles include Practical Religion, by Catherine Booth. Originally a public address written and delivered by the Army’s mother, this text was first assembled in a single volume in 1878the same year the Christian Mission adopted a new name, The Salvation Army. Catherine states the purpose of the book: “to continue my testimony against the attempt, now so prevalent, to serve both God and mammon, and to warn and teach everyone to flee from the wrath to come by avoiding every sin and the very appearance of evil, and by devoting themselves without reserve to the service of God and the salvation of the world.” The topics examined include: the training of children, heart backsliding, the uses of trial, and prevailing prayer.

The third volume in the series is a reprint of The Common People’s Gospel by Commissioner Gunpei Yamamuro, a pioneer Japanese Salvation Army officer. Originally written in Japanese in 1899 to introduce the gospel to the Japanese people, it was translated into English in 1988. A review of the book said, “The Common People’s Gospel will inspire and challenge 21st century readers as surely as the original version led millions to find and develop faith more than a hundred years ago.” Yamamuro discusses salvation through Christ and the Christian’s responsibility.

Purity of Heart is available now for $6.95 from Resource Connection: or 1-800-937-8896.

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