Chuuk Outpost, Svc. Corps Team, Have an Active Summer

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VBS AT CHUUK–Children wrap up a week of activities with a picnic and a swim.

by Alisha Sanders – 

For many, traffic is a basic aspect of life. Even on the little islands of Chuuk, way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, they have traffic. Of course, it’s a little different there–that’s because boats are a common form of transportation. In the morning, boats speed across the lagoon as people go back and forth from home to work or school. This is how many make their way to The Salvation Army’s Chuuk Outpost.

The Chuuk Outpost is relatively new, having opened on the island of Weno two years ago. According to Envoys Hermis and Rufina Otis, though, the response has been great. They lead 43 soldiers and see a congregation of 60 to 80 members each week.

This year, the outpost held its first round of summer youth activities. With help from Glory Guerpo, Guam Corps’ YPSM, and a summer service corps team, the Chuuk Outpost held both a vacation Bible school for younger kids and a teen Bible week. The response was tremendous, with more than 200 kids attending the two programs.

This was the first time activities like this had been done by any of the churches in Chuuk. “The kids were very responsive and enthusiastically participated in all the activities,” says Rachel Utrera, summer service corps team member. Kawein, a 13-year old, says he had a lot of fun and enjoyed singing the most. “I learned about God, that he’s the most strongest God,” he says.

Wrapping up the weeks of activities, the kids went to a nearby island for a day of celebration. While the Home League ladies prepared fish, breadfruit, and fried bananas–a traditional Chuukese meal–the kids swam and played volleyball. As the sun began to set, the kids got back in the boats and joined the rest of the homebound traffic.

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