Churches Conclude Dynamic Careers

COLONELS GEORGE AND JOY CHURCH–receive Certificates of Retirement from Commissioner Peter H. Chang at the Pasadena Tabernacle.


Colonels George and Joy Church, territorial secretary for business administration and women’s auxiliaries secretary respectively, conclude 37 years of active officership within three U.S. territories and International Headquarters. They enter what promises to be active retirement and will reside in the state of Washington.

Both natives of Great Britain, they immigrated to the United States in 1958 as full time workers for the Army. They entered training for officership in New York in 1959 and were commissioned in 1960. Initial appointments involved corps work in the Eastern Territory. In 1966 they were assigned to the West as corps officers of the Los Angeles Congress Hall corps and in 1970 moved across town to begin what has been a lasting relationship with the Hollywood, now Pasadena Tabernacle.

Administrative appointments have included command responsibilities in three divisions, Intermountain, North-west, and Southern California; stints as International Secretary for Communi-cation and Program Secretary in the Central Territory; then a return to the West, where they assumed their current territorial responsibilities.

In farewells from territorial headquarters, long-time colleague Dr. Robert Docter noted the energy and enthusiasm both brought to tasks. “Strong, challenging messages emanated in their pulpit–always ready with new idea –always compassionate and caring–always making things happen–always strongly committed to those policies and practices that made the Army the Army, always loyal and true, always on duty.”

As his last formal duty prior to his own retirement, Commissioner Peter H. Chang, territorial commander, presented the Churches with their retirement certificates in services at the Tabernacle which included participation by Commissioner Will Pratt (R).

The Churches three children and their families were present during the retirement services. They include a son, Stephen, of Elgin Ill., a daughter, Susan, of Denver, and a son, David, of Pasadena.

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