Church Installs Auxiliary Leaders

By Judy Lee –

SYMBOLIC–Colonel Joy Church instructs new officers during the induction ceremony. (l-r) Church, Beverly Payne, Virginia Baz, Julie Pratt, Nancy Mallonee, Lt. Col. Janice Buchanan, Jeanne Yuen, Peggy Emes, and Mildred Jones.

The Honolulu Women’s Auxiliary officers were recently installed by Colonel Joy Church. “…Leadership is not an easy task. It demands sincerity of purpose, enthusiasm of spirit and consecration of heart and mind,” she stated. She highlighted the accomplishments of the Women’s Auxiliary, the practical gifts of money and materials that enhance the work of the Army, and the challenges that lie ahead.

Assisted by Lt. Colonel Janice Buchanan, divisional director of Women’s Organizations, the Colonel gave each new officer one end of a ribbon that had been woven into a bird’s nest. “Like the birds that build their nests each year from twigs and sometimes shiny bits of ribbon, this auxiliary is working together to build a better community,” she explained. The colors were symbolic of the responsibilities and importance of the office.

Nancy Mallonee, president, received the red ribbon for the vital leadership she will give to the Auxiliary; and Julie Pratt, 1st vice president, received the purple ribbon for loyalty. Beverly Payne received the pink as 2nd vice president; Mildred Jones, yellow as treasurer; Jeanne Yuien, mauve as recording secretary; and Peggy Emes, green as corresponding secretary. With each officer “tied together,” Church concluded the ceremony by thanking the officers for their commitment to excellence. “It is said that a strong community is one that is tied together with ribbons of hope and love. I sense that we have that here today.”

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