Chris Mallett’s legacy lives on in music

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by Russell Prince – 

ROBERT DOCTER AND Sarah Stillson practice for the midweek concert.

Led by Southern California Divisional Music Leaders Kevin and Jacqui Larsson, this summer’s Chris Mallett School of Music, held at Camp Mt. Crags, welcomed 157 young people to a variety of musical activities. Cornet Virtuoso David Dawes (YP band leader, Hendon, UK) returned as guest band instructor and master teacher.
All the groups showed progress at the midweek concert—especially noteworthy was the Bill Himes Band, the beginners’ group. Many of these youngsters came from corps without a music program and had never previously played a brass instrument.

At Saturday’s closing festival, Dawes led the Stephen Cobb and Mt. Crags bands and played a brilliant solo to “Carnival of Venice.” Bandmaster Bill Flinn (Pasadena Tabernacle) directed the James Curnow band and Captain Jim Sloan (Glendale) led the Bill Himes Band. Larsson directed the Mt. Crags Chorus and the Senior Boys Chorus, and Matt Woods led the Senior Girls Chorus. Duncan Sutton led the mixed voice Joy Webb Chorus, and Jacqui Larsson directed the Andrew Blyth Chorus. Timbrel brigades were led by Heather Ames, Captain Beverly Lloyd (Anaheim) and Leigh-Anne Ayres. Captain Martin Ross (Compton) directed the Steel Drum Band. Also performing were guitar groups led by Captains James Lloyd and Bob Louangamath and Steve and Susan Kounlavonska, and a keyboard group led by Marilyn Baker and David Robinson.

The final festival recognized retiring Divisional Leaders Lt. Colonels Alfred and Sherryl Van Cleef and introduced their successors, Majors Paul and Carol Seiler. Van Cleef and Larsson presented awards for Junior and Senior Honor Camper and Junior and Senior Outstanding Musician. Junior Honor Campers were 1) Ester Oh—Los Angeles Korean; 2) Carmen Ross—Compton; 3) Joshua Trimmer—Murrieta. Senior Honor Campers were 1) Katherine Phrasavath—Santa Fe Springs; 2) Brittany Tangermann—Torrance; 3) Estela Segura—Santa Monica. Junior Outstanding Musicians were 1) Carmen Ross—Compton; 2) Justine Stewart—Tustin Ranch; 3) Carolyn Wood—Pasadena Tabernacle. Senior Outstanding Musicians, all from Pasadena Tabernacle, were 1) Derek Flinn; 2) Shalini Henry-John; 3) James Allen.

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